Contributing to Security Magazine, A. Benjamin Mannes recently discussed security leadership during the ongoing coronavirus threat. Below is an excerpt of this article. For the full article, click here.

“A key role in corporate security leadership is in understanding global vulnerabilities as part of a shift that goes beyond traditional security concerns, in order to anticipate new risks to your organization. According to this discipline, the primary focus of security leadership should be protecting an organization’s human capital as its most valuable asset, then focus on loss prevention through cyber and physical security measures. When security leaders possess a multidisciplinary understanding of security covering a variety of risks spanning international concerns, strategic threats, asset protection and technical development, their organization stands to be better prepared.

Therefore, the scope of security leadership should be expanded to include not only traditional intellectual and physical asset protection but also personnel security, business continuity, safety and organizational health. Organizations shouldn’t feel secure by only continuing to address security through ‘gates, guards and guns’ or the more prevalent shift from physical to cyber-dominated security if/when their organizations haven’t considered the changing landscape of global risks that may affect their organizations. This requires investing in staff training, consulting and personnel that have expertise and planning in other fields traditionally focused in investigations, intelligence and emergency management, as well.”