You’ve reached the home page for ArielBenjamin Mannes, CPP, CESP, a Consultant and Subject Matter Expert in operations and management with over two decades of experience in public safety, security, investigations and exam integrity. If you need honest, effective and efficient consulting services; you’ve come to the right place. Unlike many security providers who offer consulting services as a means to sell services, Mannes offers an objective assessment on risks, threats and exposure to liability; and offers planning and training services for clients to secure their physical and intellectual assets.

If you’ve searched for Ariel B. Mannes, you’re in the right place as well. A. Benjamin Mannes and just plain “Ben” Mannes has been my go-to names since sixth grade, when I discovered the use of my middle name as an alternative to the common mispronunciations and misspellings that came with my given name.  This page is mirrored with each spelling of my name, to aid those using Google, Bing or other search engines in looking for me, which is important to sift through the truth in a sea of online trolls.

I pride myself in my unique combination of education and experience, having served in both federal and local law enforcement, experience on both sides of the criminal justice system, a formal education, and diverse skill set in working for the nonprofit and private sector as well.  I pride myself on learning the nuances of best practices through first-hand experience as well as staying abreast of local, national and international journals, classes and media coverage.  I have personal contacts throughout the United States, as well as in England, Italy, Canada, and Israel which help me understand the ever-changing landscape of securing physical and intellectual assets, as well as any investigations therein.

My recent full time appointment leading intellectual property protection, public safety, emergency management and investigations for the nation’s largest medical specialty board gave me the nearly nine years of global management experience necessary to boost the capabilities I can offer my clientele. In addition, I provide media commentary, consulting engagements, and have sat on three academic advisory boards.

It is important to note that while many people call themselves “Subject Matter Experts”, this is a term that should be used only after a combination of extensive training, education and experience are obtained in a diverse skill-set. My earning the right to apply the title of Subject Matter Expert comes from my achieving the following throughout my professional and academic life:


  • 23 years of experience in public safety, oversight, compliance and security; managing demanding situations by coordinating relationships between various personnel in accordance with federal, state & local regulations.
  • 8.5 years leading investigations, security & emergency management planning & response for the nation’s largest medical board where foresight & problem solving skills were proven to a high degree.
  • Proven written and oral communication skills exhibited in numerous professional speaking engagements, media appearances, and published articles on politically sensitive topics.
  • Functional capabilities/experience/training in:
    • Planning & Policy Development in Security and Asset Protection
    • Leasing & Conducting Global Criminal/Civil/Administrative investigations
    • Compliance, ethics & financial oversight in an efficient, multi-stakeholder environment
    • Provided & Coordinated Emergency Management, Preparedness Response & Training
    • Best practice development and government agency liaison to achieve desired outcomes
    • Test security/exam integrity investigations (one of a mere handful of subject matter experts worldwide)
    • Training & Certification (teaching and curriculum development of strategic objectives)


California Coast University
Master of Arts Degree in Organizational Leadership (Summa cum Laude)

California Coast University
Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice (Summa Cum Laude) w/ credits from:
State University of New York, Empire State College 1998-99
City University of New York, John Jay College of Criminal Justice 1994-96


West Virginia University (Extended Learning), 2011
Homeland Security, with Certificates of completion in:
• Forensic Epidemiology,
• Crisis Preparedness Training for School Administrators,
• Campus Public Safety Response to Weapons of Mass Destruction Incidents, &
• Hospital Emergency Management: Concepts and Implications of WMD Attacks.

NJ Office of Homeland Security & Preparedness, Regional Intelligence Academy
• Developing Intelligence Programs for the Private Sector, 2012

American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS International)
Certified Protection Professional (CPP), 2010 – Present

US Department of Transportation, Transportation Safety Institute, Oklahoma City, OK
US Department of Homeland Security, TSA Surface Transportation Security Specialist & Inspector Training, 2005; w/ completion of:
• Threat Management and Emergency Response to Rail Hijackings,
• Transit System Security, Transportation of Hazardous Materials,
• Transit Industrial Safety Management,
• Heavy Rail and Transit Certification,
• HAZMAT certification & emergency accident management/response.

Maurice T. Turner, Jr. Institute of Police Science, Washington, DC
D.C. Metropolitan Police Academy, class 99-3
• Federal and Municipal Law,
• Investigations, Interview and Interrogation,
• Civil Disturbance, riot and mass casualty incident management and control
• Emergency Response & Management,
• Diversity in Society,
• Professional Ethics,
• D.C. General Orders,
• Forensics,
• Emergency Vehicle Operations,
• Defensive tactics, use of nonlethal, firearms, & physical fitness.

Federal Law Enforcement Training Center Glynco, GA
Mixed-agency Basic Training Program (MBPTP-705), 1997:
• Federal Law, Criminal Procedure, and Federal Regulations
• Defensive tactics, firearms, nonlethal, weapons tactics
• Bomb recognition and responding to explosive threats,
• Emergency Vehicle Operations,
• Ethics,
• Criminal and administrative investigations,
• Emergency management,
• Crime Scene Processing,
• Working with other Federal, State and Local Agencies.

American College of Forensic Examiners’ Institute
• Certified in Homeland Security (Level III), 2007-2010
• Sensitive Security Information, Certified, 2008-2010

Institute for Exam Security/Caveon Test Security
• Certified Exam Security Professional (CESP), 2015-Present

Association of Inspectors General
• Annual Inspector General Training Conference (over 100 Continuing Professional Education credits), 2010-2016

US Department of Homeland Security
• Surveillance Detection Course for Commercial Operations, 2010

FEMA Emergency Management Institute/Center for Domestic Preparedness
• Emergency Response to Terrorism, 1998
• National Incident Management System, Incident Command Structure (100-800), 2005
• Special Events Contingency Planning for Public Safety Agencies, 2005
• Emergency Planning (IS235), 2008
• Response to Suspicious Behaviors and Items for Bombing Prevention, 2016
• Homemade Explosives Awareness and Precursor Awareness, 2016
• Introduction to the Terrorist Attack Cycle, 2016

National Protective Services, Inc.
• Introduction to Protective Services/Executive Protection, 2002

Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency, 2003
• Certified Instructor, Terrorism Awareness and Prevention Instructor Program

Master Instructor, Community Anti-Terrorist Training Institute (CAT Eyes Pgm), 2002

New York City Police Department, New York, NY
• Basic Auxiliary Police Training Course 95MN07, 1995

Higgins Counterterrorism Training Foundation, Washington, DC
• Basic Antiterrorism Investigations Course, 2002
• Source Recruitment and intelligence, 2005

National Rifle Association, Fairfax, VA
• Basic Civilian Pistol Instructor, 1996

Virginia State ABC Police Training Academy, Fredericksburg, VA
• Club Drugs and Raves Workshop, 2001

American Red Cross
• AED, First Responder and CPR Training, recertified through 2017


Peirce College
• Member, Criminal Justice Studies Advisory Board, 2016-17

St. John’s University
• Member, Homeland Security Academic Program Advisory Board, 2016

InfraGard, Philadelphia Chapter
• Governor, Executive Board (Elected 2012- Present)

Association of Inspectors General
• Active Member

Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge DC #1
• Life Member

Numerous law enforcement and emergency management contacts worldwide

03/2016 – Peirce College, Philadelphia, PA
• Outstanding Service to the Criminal Justice Profession

07/2015 – American Board of Pediatrics, Chapel Hill, NC
• Letter of gratitude for providing professional training in exam integrity

06/2014 – Pennsylvania Shield and Square Club
• Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Award

02/2013 – Association of Test Publishers, York, PA
• Service as the chairman of the ATP Security Committee, Enforcement Subcommittee

09/2012 – American Board of Internal Medicine, Philadelphia, PA
• For leadership & service to the ABIM Emergency Response Team

03/2012 – American Board of Radiology, Tucson, AZ
• In gratitude for leading peer-to-peer training of Radiology test security personnel

07/2011 – InfraGard, Philadelphia Chapter
• In appreciation for service and contributions to the Philadelphia Chapter

08/2011 – Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office, Philadelphia, PA
• Community service with Philadelphians for Ethical Leadership

06/2010 – American Board of Internal Medicine, Philadelphia, PA
• Board Resolution for the investigation into Arora Board Review nationwide theft of trade secrets case

09/2009 – American Board for Certification in Homeland Security, Springfield, MO
• Service on the Board, American Board of Intelligence Analysts

09/2005 – Department of Homeland Security, Transportation Security Administration
• Letter of Commendation for my recovery efforts to Hurricane Katrina

08/2004 – National Crime Prevention Council, Washington, DC
• Instructional service for the 10th National Refugee Crime Prevention Seminar

04/2004 – National Law Enforcement Officer’s Memorial/Fraternal Order of Police
• Lodge #1 certificate for volunteer service at National Police Memorial Week

03/2003 – Metropolitan Police Department, Washington, DC
• Commanding Officer’s Commendation (PD751)

07/2000 – International Law Enforcement Games, Cocoa Beach, FL
• For outstanding performance and sportsmanship

11/1996 – New York City Police Department
• Exceptional Performance of Duty Commendation

So, whether or not I am the right fit for you, I will happily sit down with you to talk over your needs in security, public safety, emergency management (business continuity), test security or public integrity.  If I am not able to personally assist you, I have a myriad of trusted, expert contacts I can refer to get you the help you need.

For specific information about my background, please visit my bio page.