Educating informed consumers to protect assets

When it comes to protecting an organization’s intellectual, physical and human assets; most corporate leaders call service and/or technology providers before having a risk assessment, plan or full understanding of their needs.

What Mannes & Associates does is provide our clients with access to experts in the fields of public safety, security, emergency management (business continuity) and investigations to assess their needs, risks and vulnerabilities. This way, organizations can select service providers, technologies and/or capital improvements from an efficient, effective position of expertise.

Mannes & Associates is your one-stop shop for assessing and addressing the changing risk landscape facing corporate, nonprofit, and public sector organizations worldwide.

Advisory areas

  • Regulatory risk
  • Operational risk, including:

    • Policy development & enforcement,
    • Liability reduction,
    • Workforce oversight,
    • Anti-corruption/Anti-bribery (ABAC),
    • Business continuity,
    • Crisis Management,

  • Duty-of-Care risks,

    • Environmental Health & Safety,
    • Physical Security,
    • Workplace violence prevention,

  • Intellectual property protection
  • Reputation protection